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Katie Fowler - Founder and President 

Katie believes transformation is more than meets the eyeShe specializes in leading and facilitating complex transformations with a distinct focus on cultural change managementWith over 15 years of experience in international operations, transformation and supply chain Katie will bring a deep understanding of what it takes to make your business successful and agile.     


Tiffany Baus-Lowe - Consultant

Tiffany does not accept that the sky is the limit, because she knows there are footprints on the moon. She has blazed a path to become the largest filtration distributor in North America with this philosophy. As a Maxwell leadership coach and with over 15 years of sales and operations experience, she will bring you and your teams to the next level of performance.


Flor Del Rio - Consultant

Flor specializes in packaging solutions to ensure your product delights your customer on arrival, while being protected with minimal impact to the environment. These solutions holistically include materials used and automation of your shipping and return processes all with a focus on the triple bottom line: People, Profit and Planet.


Dmitriy Monakhov, CSCP, PMP - Consultant

As a supply chain and negotiation expert, Dmitriy elevates supplier performance on cost, delivery, environmental and social impact. One of Dmitriy’s many superpowers is to leverage technology and analytics to improve efficiency and value, all while mitigating risk. With over 15 years of international experience in energy supply chains, Dmitriy applies unconventional thought leadership to your challenges unlocking the potential of your organization and your team.


Jeremy Baus - Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy is Unchained Value’s Chief Financial Superhero. As a pillar of integrity with over 10 years of experience leading finance in a multi-million dollar company, Jeremy keeps us all in line while bringing insight, opportunity, and levity to the team. His favorite thing about being a part of the Unchained team is how with everyone's powers combined can help businesses in exceptional ways to leverage potential of a business without operating in silos. He might also be an avid Marvel fan.

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